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Our company is developing and implementing the Odoo system for small and medium-sized companies

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What is Odoo?

Odoo Also known as Open ERP was founded by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. The word Odoo is the acronym of On Demand Open Object. Odoo is a large collection of business-related applications and modules like CRM, Sales management, E-commerce, Warehouse management, Purchase management, Accounting suit, Manufacturing management, HRMS etc.. All these basic modules collectively called as Enterprise Resource Planning software. 

Apart from its basic modules, Odoo has more than 14,000 third party Apps/Plugins available in its app store.  Each of them is custom built for different user needs. Today, Odoo is one of the widely used open source ERP solutions in the market.

Why is Odoo becoming more and more popular?
There are some key points for this reason.

- It is open source:
    No proprietary fee and recurring costs One of the best ERP in the market.

- Flexible:
    Need any custom features?  you can do it with the help of an Odoo developer.

- Scalable:
    Business/Organisation size doesn't matter, you can add any number of users in Odoo.

- Custom Readymade Apps:
    14000+ ready-made applications that everyone can access from Odoo apps store.

- Global Support:
    Responsive support from Odoo forum and mailing lists.

- Proven Product:
    About 3+ million people are growing their business by using Odoo. Eg: Toyota, Hyundai, PCI

- User-Friendly:
    Either we can use the standard Odoo which has a highly user-friendly UI, or we may download the available themes. We can also create new themes with our own ideas.

- Up to date with Technology:
    Odoo gets frequent updates and upgrades according to the latest technological environment. Latest Odoo versions are Odoo V10 and V11.

- Highly Modular:
    You don't need to install the entire Odoo altogether on your system. You can download and install selective application modules as per your business needs. Eg: Odoo ERP of POS with Accounting

- Easily Integrate with Third-party services:
    Odoo can be integrated with any other third party service providers like SMS, Social media, shopping sites etc

- Industry-Specific Modules: 
    Car Workshop, Vehicle rental management system, Hotel management, Clinic, Beauty Spa Management  and more  industry-specific module available in Odoo

- Less Implementation Cost.

- Less implementation Time Frame.